Medical Intuition

Intuition has been defined as “Knowing something without being aware of how you know it. It is knowledge that seems to come to you from nowhere, a sudden awareness or insight without any logical evidence. The knowledge cannot be traced, but it is real”. (Fisher, 1983:24)

As a medical intuitive, Janet defines herself as one who utilizes energetic impressions gathered through intuitive means to assess and define the state of health and well-being of a given subject at the physical, emotion, mental, and spiritual levels.

The field of medical intuition is gaining recognition and respect, becoming a complementary modality within the allopathic (western) medical model. Medical intuition is in reality a most ancient form of medical technology. Ancient cultures were deeply motivated to develop their non-technological capacities to effect health and healing.

Janet gains information from individuals at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The information is received in a variety of ways, including clairaudient (sound), clairvoyant (sight), and clairsentient (feeling) impressions of energy, symbolic sight, and knowing. Each individual communicates this information uniquely. Additionally, Janet incorporates her medical training in assisting her interpretation of intuitive impressions and information.

Key Benefits
– Increased understanding of human energy system, as it pertains to health and disease
– Ability to create lifestyle choices that will enhance health and well-being
– Greater understanding of self through body, mind, emotion and spirit