Give Thanks!

Give Thanks!

We all are looking to feel, be and look healthy and vital. As we move into change of season, beautiful autumn, dressed in her parade of reds, oranges and yellows, it is not uncommon to feel a bit in flux. The earth is taking a breath and pulling her energy into herself.

Our bodies reflect this pattern as well, many feeling a bit less energetic, more introspective and contemplative.

Autumn invites us to nestle by our inner hearth and gaze into the coals. As we assess our harvest, what we have planted, nurtured, culled and reaped; clarity, objectivity, discernment and detachment are offered.

Journal/Meditation Query

What do you see when you reflect on your path?
What are your predominant thoughts and beliefs? What have they created?
How do you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually?

From an Ayurvedic standpoint, autumn, with it’s predominant air element is considered a vata season. Autumn is cool, dry, windy and erratic, all qualities shared by the vata dosha. Warm, wet, nourishing food is encouraged to help balance the vata energetic. Our own innate body wisdom leads us toward this, as many of us are drawn to more “comfort” types of meals.

A wonderful nutritritive jam, made from amalaki fruit, called Chyavanprash, is an excellent rejuvantive during autumn. Antioxidant rich it is grounding, strengthening and supportive of the immune system and general vitality.

Oiling the body before bath or shower also is appropriate during autumn. Classically sesame oil is used, although other oils, infused herbals, depending on personal constitution are also appropriate.

Autumn is a wonderful time to journey with the archytypes of the; Hermit, Wise Woman, Shaman. Spend some time communing with your inner hearth, warm your hands on your heart flame. Listen to the deep wisdom that lives within and guides you to the truest expression of you. Be in the space of gratitude, thankfulness and love as you enjoy family, tribe and community.