Hypnotherapy utilizes a trance-like state to facilitate healing and change while in this altered state. The trance state is a feeling likened to somewhere between waking and sleeping, a state which lulls the conscious mind and allows clearer access to the subconscious mind. While in a trance state, an individual is much more suggestible and accepting of new information or suggestions that are given to alter negative behavior and thoughts. Hypnotherapy has been very effective in the treatment of stress-related conditions, traumas, phobias, and addictions.

The mind is an incredibly powerful force. There has been in-depth research in the mind-body connection, proving the incredible link between both facets of self. Slowing of metabolism, heart rate, and breathing have been demonstrated while under hypnosis, as well as pain reduction and a ceasing of allergic reactions.

Janet utilizes her Clinical Hypnotherapeutic background to provide relaxation, visualization, and self hypnosis programs to individuals. Janet has also produced therapeutic tapes that she makes available to her clients.

Key Benefits
– Relaxation and Stress Reduction
– Heightened ability to accept positive suggestion
– Heightened ability to assist in healing